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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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thank you ever so much for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. lots of news to get to this morning, but, first, let's talk a little baseball. the giants 2014 home opener is today and we give you a live look out on the field at at&t park. we're now just hours away from the first pitch. giants take the field at 1:35, but there's laura right there on the field at at&t park. we miss you over here, laura, but your are having fun. >> i miss the boys of summer. huge fan of baseball and it's a big thrill to be out here a little bit early as the game starts at 1:35. it is going to be a gorgeous day and a lot of ground out here at at&t park this morning including new security measures in place for fans. brand-new seating areas, as well, where you can watch the game in comfort and even a bowling alley built right into at&t park. not just me out here this morning covering the giants home
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opener. a team in place for you. damian trujillo with a look at some of the new features and check out the first pitch forecast, as well, with meteorologist christina loren. send it back to scott in today's studios. senator yee will be arraigned in federal court at 9:30 this morning. yee was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges, including public corruption, drug and weapons trafficking and money laundering. firefighters are spending the night at the site of a fire that destroyed one home and damaged two others near the san jose campbell border. nobody hurt. the cause of the fire under investigation. and crews searching for the missing malaysian airlines plane are still listening for faint pinging sounds deep in the indian ocean. so far, crews have not heard those sounds today. investigators hope the pinging is coming from the black boxes
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aboard that plane. well, we will have live reports on all of those stories throughout the morning, but, for now, let's go back out to the ballpark and the giants 2014 home opener. so far this season, the giants have five wins, two losses under their belt. all of their games have been on the road against the dodgers and the diamondbacks. laura garcia-cannon live inside at&t park where the giants will take on the diamondbacks, but at home. good morning. >> that's right, you bring on the d'backs because we'll do it right here at at&t park. the grass is all trimmed and beautiful out here. they have the opening day logo on here. at&t park. a lot of different changes and some improvement to some of the seating. we'll take you inside and show you some of those, as well as it's hard to believe but always new treats when it comes to eats out here, as well. changes for fans to take note of. in fact, at&t park actually boosting security at all home games this year. the most noticeable change comes
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right when you walk in the door. that's because all fans entering the park will have to pass through metal detectors. the giants will phase in metal detectors throughout the season. now, bags will not have to go through those detectors but they will be inspected. so, get ready for that. and you're going to have to remove all metal objects from your pockets before going through. if you don't want to walk through the metal detector, you can ask to be checked with a handheld wand. by the way, not just at&t park using the metal detectors, major league baseball is requiring all metal detectors at all ballparks by 2015. we also want to check in with "today in the bay" damon trujillo up early with us. lots of changes in store this year for at&t park. >> that's right, laura. i feel like a kid in a candy store. so many things to do here and there's nobody around to tell you not to do them. but, there's a digital experience that you'll have here at the ballpark this year. this is the at&t digital lounge.
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i did download that at the ballpark app on my mobile device here and you're able to find out what's exactly happening when. you'll find out maybe some last-minute bargens at one of the shops here and all on this app at at&t park. >> going to at&t park is like going to a carnival within a baseball game and there to help you navigate the park is a mobile device app called at the ballpark. it's free and it can help new timers and old timers get around and get updates. >> when you come to the ballpark, it will beep you knowing that you're here. all the a to z guys of where to things are at the ballpark, it's all in the app. >> move from the bleachers to a box seat thanks to the app and they will also beep you when the giants drop a price on a selected food item during the game, like the new fried pickle chips. the other new item this season the logo worn by stretch willy mccovey and jack the ripper,
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jack clarke. >> the key item we're wearing on friday night, the new orange jersey friday has the new giants logo but with the number on the front. ten giant locations for our giant dugout stores. >> reporter: the tribute to giants broadcaster this season with the bobblehead highlighting his one home run as a major leaguer. i'm really enjoying this new app. it has everything you might want in an app when it comes to at&t park. coming up in 45 minutes or so we'll be talking fried pickle chips. laura, back to you down on the field. >> it's never too early for that, right? thanks a lot, damian. today's first pitch at 1:35 against the diamondbacks. tim hudson taking the mound for the giants. but, now, let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. a beautiful morning, christina. >> it really is nice out here, laura. we've seen so many fans coming
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through with just short sleeves on. willie mays himself right here. the short sleeves on. and, you know what, willie mays has been known to frequent games, especially the home openers here at at&t park. so, hope fall that will be the case for today. we have a big ceremony taking place out on the field a lot of people coming out here early and temperatures are going to be warm. you want to make sure you're ready for the elements today. bright sunshine and need that spf 30 plus and the shades. let's get to the forecast. temperatures mostly in the mid-70s here in san francisco. so, as you know, at the coast is where we get the cooler temperatures when it comes to bay area microclimate. for today, 75 degrees and it's going it be comfortable for first pitch. you know what that means, if we're talking 75 degrees in san francisco, we're likely talking about the mid-80s even some 90s in your inland cities, especially the valleys that get really warm. such as the tri-valley up in napa, very warm day ahead. approach the 90s up in the north
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bay and expecting that here in the south bay, as well. 85 from the peninsula today. east bay is at 88 degrees and 78 is the high in the city by the bay. you'll notice on the seven-day forecast, though. today is going to peak and then cool you off as we head throughout the remainder of the week. showers as we head throughout friday and saturday. a 20% shot of that and that goes through sonoma county. a cutoff low and those things can be sometimes. i'll let you know as we get closer and closer to friday if that is the case. i've held back the crowds thus far. we'll bring it right back out, though, for the next, the next segment and you might just be surprised at how festive some of these fans look. they have their orange and black on, they're ready to go and, yeah, only the die hards are here this early. so, stick around, we'll introduce you to some of them coming up. right now he's a die-hard giants fan and you brought your son out to his first game at at&t park.
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>> i took him out to know see willie mays. christina, great job out there. the bay bridge, this is mostly full. look at the metering lights turned on ten minutes ago and the fastrak lanes and the lanes off to the left are later and slower to build. see this start and continue through midday because the giants home opener, as we have been talking about is 1:35. we are already out there but a lot of folks continue to head over there before game time. that will continue the backup at the toll plaza likely efor most of the morning. not a big deal other than that. a smoother drive through richmond and berkeley and speeds coming down below 65 miles per hour. the rest of your bay typical pattern, as well. slow down northbound to 101 from 680 up towards 880. the first burst and coming in 20 minutes. a live look there. and also you saw on the maps earlier, a little slowing through the trivalley.
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slow into livermore. we'll send it back to you. >> mike, thank you much. time now 6:08. an l.a. police officer shot seven times and survives. how what he was wearing would help him save his life. oscar pistorius pours his heart out on the stand. what he says about relationship troubles with his girlfriend in the days before the deadly shooting. and back here live at at&t park, we're going to have more details about the giants home opener, including some freebies for fans. but, first, look at this baseball card. one of the giants is a little guy. you see, there. take your best guess about who it is and we'll reveal the right answer in two minutes.
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welcome back live to at&t
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park this morning. this is where it is all going to happen. the giants home opener just hours away, so much excitement. alo before the break we showed you a picture and we asked you to guess which giants player it was. did you get it right? this little guy, buster pospose. they all had to start somewhere. all those hopes and dreams and still young and doing great with our giants. we're pretty excited for the home opener against the diamondbacks taking place at 1:35 this afternoon. right now, scott, back to you in the studio. olympian oscar pistorius taking the stand, again, today. in his murder trial pistorius says he and his girlfriend reeva steenkamp had troubles in their relationship, but they were trying to sort them out. pistorius said he shot and killed steenkamp by mistake.
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a los angeles police officer is recovering after being shot seven times in the lobby of a police sub station. the officer was wearing a bulletproof vest when the man walked into the station and fired a semi automatic pistol. the officer shot and wounded the gunman. concord police officer matthew back in court today. he is accused of stealing prescription drugs from the elderly. switzer already resigned from the police department. our live coverage of the 2014 home opener. laura is on the field at at&t park and you have the scoop on freebies for fans during the upcoming season. >> that is always a great, fun part and fans attending today's home opener will actually get giants calendars kicking off the year but a bunch of promotions catching our eye, including hunter pence. he's getting that bobblehead treatment. pence's bobblehead is riding on
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a scooter wearing a backpack how he heads to the game. start your collection now if you haven't already. this year marks the 60th anniversary of the giants 1954 world series win. on april 26th, the first 20,000 fans will get a replica of the 1954 world series ring, pretty cool. and here's a promotion that may be unexpected. 20,000 fans will be getting some hello kitty stuffed animals on sunday, june 8th, when the giants take on the mets. i know a couple little girls that would like that. really, something for everyone. it's always fun, you know, the peanuts, the cracky ja er jacks if you get to take home something extra, that's fun, too. >> the hello kitty and the fresh kale from the center field organic guarden and the fried pickles. put that into a song. >> there you go, and a mojito while you're at it. it is such a beautiful park out here and it's amazing all the improvements that they do year
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after year. just when you think it can't get any better somehow they pull out some of the best things. we'll highlight some of those, as well. also, we have to talk about the weather. we always call them the boys of summer, christina, certainly going to feel like it in the bay area. how is it looking out there? >> it is looking really good out here this morning. we're just getting a sliver, just a sliver of the morning sunrise so far and right now it is clear as a bell. there are a lot of people out here, already they're inside the public house. they're in there broadcasting live and, yeah, it gets rowdy sometimes and then the crowd kind of settles and then the roar comes back. so, people are just starting to trickle in here. we know as the day goes on and we get closer to that first pitch. it is going to be on and popping around here. temperatures this morning are really mild. upper 50s just about everywhere. we're headed towards the a80s ad even a couple 90s on the way making this officially the
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warmest day that we had in over three months. i wouldn't be surprised to see mid-90s in places like ant yauk and gilroy mid to upper 90s. part of the reason is we're going to end up in the 90s because of offshore flow. the reason why you can see all the wind arrows pointing back out to sea and we don't have the that marine influence just yet but as we continue on the fog will be back. you know what, i have a live guest out here and i've got him for a short time only. so, temperatures today will end up in the mid to upper 80s and overall much warmer than average. and i'm sorry, i have to break into this weather report right now to introduce you to paul -- >> mccaffrey. >> you know him. this is the mc side. >> this is the mac side of the murph and mac. ninth annual opening day
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broadcast at the public house. inside there's a huge crowd already. a huge giant buzz in the building and really all around the park and it's a beautiful morning, too. really comfortable already. >> why are you excited about this particular home opener. >> second of all, they're hitting the ball, i don't know where this came from. brandon belt is hitting home runs and tim hudson, who is one of the great veterans in the league making his home debut today for the giants. the vibe inside is killer. i think the giants will have a good year, it's a good vibe today. >> knbr you guys have been with the giants and cover them like nobody else can. what do you say to the people who don't turn it on and people who are transients to the bay area. >> if you're a giants fan and you have interest in following the team on a daily basis, you're not going to get any more. you won't find more in depth coverage than on knbr. on our show, in particular, you know, we have sergio romeo on
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every thursday morning and it's an avalanche of giants coverage. if that's what you're looking for, turn on knbr. >> we're partners with you and we get to team up and bring you that amazing coverage. thanks for joining us out here. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. a lot more fun to come. i'll join the crowds, as well. mike, on that note, i'm sending it over to you. but, hey, you do traffic on knbr, you just make it all that much better. >> i work with and wait a minute, if i caught that right, you're going to go inside and goof off and i'm going to-do the traffic. we'll take kay irof care of it . these folks are getting to work and not so hard for them. look at the map and slower drive westbound rbs but th westbound, but that's a typical build and holding steady here. trivalley schools back this week and not quite as bad as we see on a tuesday.
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over here into san ramon and slowing and that cleared quickly, just five minutes of that and i don't know what was going on. no incident there for chp and no big incident for your bay area freeways. lighter build and i thought i'd point it out because not much of anything going on and so many green sensors and looking at your speed through the south bay. you're in the green zone as you travel north 101 back up to and you're averaging out towards 58 mile per hour. that's a good flow and bay bridge toll plaza and southbound 101 shows a build coming out of novato. continuing to cross the golden gate bridge. remember, you're paying $1 or more. if you didn't drive yesterday, that is news to you today. bay bridge toll plaza and the left lanes just a parking lot and this will continue probably throughout the day because, scott, as you know, the home opener we have been talking about starts at 1:35.
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mid-day traffic will blend in with folks trying to get to the giants game. >> all right, mike, just in time for summer. southwest airlines adding more flights between maneta, san jose international and several other airports. that starts today. those include denver and orange county, san diego and seattle. this comes despite virgin america's departure last month saying demand just did not meet expectations. the time now is 6:20. still ahead "today in the bay" a fire spreads to three homes in san jose. coming up, we're live at the scene as firefighters try to pinpoint what sparked a massive flames. and back here live at at&t park. we're back with more details about the giants home opener, but, first, take a look at this baseball card. one of the giants is this little guy. we're going to show you and take your best guess of who it is. and we'll reveal the answer in just two minutes.
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and very good tuesday morning. we are taking you live pretty exclusively at at&t park and it
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is already opening day here at the ballpark. they're taking on the diamondbacks later today at 1:35. great day for a game. earlier before the break, we showed you a picture ask asked you to guess which giants player you thought it was. any guesses out there? yeah, that's litty t tle timmy lincecum. before and now all grown up and playing for our giants. it's kind of cool to see all the hopes and dreams, no doubt his parents had way back when. boy, has he obtained them. send it back to scott mcgrew back in the studio covering today's news for us. what is going on, scott? >> 6:24 this morning. firefighters are keeping an eye on flare ups at san jose's neighborhood damaged heavily by fire. chase live at the location with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. firefighters left about five minutes ago and they cleared the scone because they were out here all night long and, fortunately, nothing flared back up at what
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was once a home. look at this cell phone video from just after 3:00 yesterday afternoon when san jose firefighters were just getting here to what ended up becoming a three-alarm fire. they still don't know exactly what started the fire, but shortly after the flames broke out, a gas line ruptured and that, of course, made things so much worse, so much more difficult for firefighters and also caused the flames to spread to two nearby homes, but those two homes are at least still standing this morning. now, every with one in the area able to get out in time, but a number of evacuations. more than a dozen neighbors moved to a nearby school because, of course w the gas line burning they were concerned there could be an explosion and things could be even worse than it was. again, firefighters were out here all night long. they were rotating in and out every couple hours once they were able to get the fire put out making sure things did not spark back up. as the sun rises here this morning, the two things they're working on and figuring out what started the fire and pg&e will
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be here to repair the gas line that ruptured. >> thank you, chase. today the chp, once again, cracking down on drivers using cell phones. it's part of april's distracted driving awareness month. today is the second of four days scattered throughout the month. ticket for first-time offenders start at $161. hillary clinton kicks off a three-state speaking tour in san francisco today. she'll be giving the keynote speech this afternoon at marketing national summit. that's at the musconei center. has many wondering if she'll make a run for the white house in 2016. she'll be back in the bay area thursday for a women's lecture at san jose state university. well, the time now, 6:26. still ahead, new details in the search for that missing malaysian airlines plane.
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plus, throwing strikes, but not from the pitcher's mound. we'll show you the brand-new bowling alley at at&t park. >> we're back here live at at&t park this morning. a lot of new things this morning, including, you'll hear the yahoo! yodel after every home run. >> yahoo! >> we added that sound ourselves, obviously, but every home run during home games sounds a little like that. pretty fun. we'll be right back with a whole lot more.
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good morning to you. a live look at the opening bell. this is the nyse. the dow down for its worst
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three-day streak since back in january. there's the opening bell. over on the nasdaq the biggest drop yesterday since november of 2011 as we get under way, this is tuesday, april 8th, and this is "today in the bay." fr good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. a lot of news to get to this morning. but, first, let's talk baseball. the 2014 home opener is today. laura is out on the field at at, and t park. good morning. >> i have the best gig right now. this is fantastic out here. the excitement is already in the air. it's going to be a great day for the home opener against the diamondbacks today here at at&t park. we've been waiting all winter for this very day and it's going to be like summer out here. going to get to the forecast with christina, she's live out here with me, as well, in just a little bit. we're talking about all the new things. how they can new and improve
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this great stadium out here. you'll see a bowling alley out here at at&t park. why you would want to bowl when a great game is going on t will be there for you. it is an exclusive area for season ticketholders and private members. two lanes, a private bar area and next to that bowling alley, you're also going to find a game room featuring pool tables, retro arcade-style video games. the village room and bowling lanes located on the oracle street level. so cool. joining me this morning is mario, senior vice president of business operations for the giants. today you probably didn't even have to use an alarm clock to get up. >> oh, the night before opening day, i can barely sleep. i mean, this weather. sunrise at at&t park just going to be beautiful out here today. >> you can't beat it. i think we're expecting temperatures in the high 70s. >> perfect for the opener. >> we always talk about all the great improvements. literally, it is hard to think of improvements that you guys
6:32 am
can make, but you do every single year. do you have a team of people working on that? >> no such thing as the off season any more. throughout the entire winter, we're looking at making the ballpark better. but sometimes we walk around this ballpark and you have it pinch yourself, just a beautiful place to be. always looking for little areas to improve. >> something cool you're going to be doing is on fridays. orange jersey friday? >> friday has always been a special night here. we call them orange fridays. our team wears orange jerseys and this year changing the jersey a little bit where we have our old-fashioned giant script from the '80s and the whole thing of orange friday, it's a -- friday night at the ballpark is always fun. so, you'll see our new jerseys friday night. this friday night we'll have fireworks, as well. we'll debut them this friday night when the rockies are in town. >> i love it, too, always a place you can bring the entire family and it can be affordable for everyone. >> you can pay a lot if you want
6:33 am
to sit right behind the plate on certain dates. i think we have, i mean, about 20 games where tickets start at only $8. really picking your spots. 81 games to pick from and depending where you want to sit and what games you want to come to, we try to keep the pricing all over the spectrum. >> it's a lot of fun. thanks so much for letting us out here so close to the field out here this morning. all groom ed and ready to go. have a great season. >> thank you. >> first pitch at 1:35 today against the diamondbacks. tim hudson taking the mound. it's going to be a good one out here. christina, you don't have to sing the national anthem this morning, but things will certainly be warming up in the weather department. out in front of willie mays this morning. how is it looking out there? >> looking really, really good. no, i don't want the flowers around me to die, i will not sing the national anthem. we've got a gorgeous day shaping up. you know, it's one of those days
6:34 am
where if you went out early and got your ticket to this home opener, you lucked out when it comes to the weather. hard to beat 75 degrees at first pitch, although as you know, we have that wind wloe blblowing a yard, it will make that impact. the wind could pick up and carry that ball to mccovey cove. one of those games out here. i can tell you right now temperatures across the bay area. we're talking mid-70s at the coast and you know really warm inland today throughout your inland valleys. upper 50s right now in the south bay along the peninsula, same for you. 56 degrees for the east bay headed towards the upper 80s. a couple isolated 90s out there, especially in the north bay. the extreme tri valley and gilroy will get very warm. the usual outlying cities, too. back out here live, i have just been cleared to take you inside the public house.
6:35 am
i'll show you that house. broadcasting live and you know it's going to get a little crazy in there, so we wait until the very end of the show. if you stick with us, you will not be disappointed. that's coming up right now. let's get you out that front door if you have to get it work. here's mike to help you out. >> they just gave you to go in the public house while you're working. my goodness, i have to get a weather degree. looking over towards the traffic my expertise. northbound 101 shows a little bit of slowing and slight build in through san jose. slowing on the approach right there by the camera where the orange zone is just north of 680 and 87 shows a little building through downtown. and there is a crash moving quickly to the shoulder, but enough of a distraction as you head north past san jose international airport. this is a traffic tuesday, but a lighter volume around the bay. this through the end of the month this week, as well. we're having a little rotating i think cambria and mountain view
6:36 am
all have districts off this week and south bay cities. looking towards livermore and that's 580 or 680 southbound and just starting to see that slow down pick up and speeds just below 60. earlier debris as you're approaching 24 down westbound 580. approaching maze and towards the bay bridge toll plaza where you see the lights are on. fastrak lanes are the most backed up and not a big deal. if you have the slowing there and that will continue in through midday because of the giants home opener is at 1:35. midday traffic in the city. back to you. >> mike, thank you. 6:36. still ahead, ships and planes descend on the indian ocean. so far, no pinging sounds have been heard. we'll update you on the overnight search for the missing malaysian airline jet coming up next. also back here live at at&t park in san francisco where we're giving you a great behind the scenes look, red efor the giants home opener that happens
6:37 am
at 1:35. but, first, take a look at this baseball card. one of the giants, this little guy you see here. they all have to start somewhere. take your best guess who it is. we'll vevereveal the answer in minutes. got a story for nbc investigative unit, call the tip line at 1-88-996-tips or e-mail us at good morning nelly! woah. hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now that voice...
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welcome back, everyone. and a very good tuesday morning to you. we have live at at&t park. we're giving you a behind the scenes look. look at the field, it's all ready to go. boys of summer already back for the first home opener of the season right here at at&t park. it all happens at 1:35 this afternoon. well, before the break, we showed you a picture, asked you to guess which giants player you thought it was. any guesses out there? little guy is ryan vogelsong. all batted up ready it go. his parents have to be proud, no doubt. so cool to look back. we all remember when somebody started in little league and you never know hopes and dreams where they can go. we love all our giants players. today is a big day out here at at&t park and always a big day when it comes to news, as well. check in with scott mcgrew with a look at that for us. happening now, crews are
6:41 am
having a tough time rediscovering those pings they heard from the indian ocean. it comes as we mark one month since malaysian airlines flight 370 vanished. peggy, it seems like yesterday's optimism has turned to doubt, once again. >> scott, that has absolutely been the agonizing part. the pings picked up over the weekend are the latest straw to gras. now searchers say they are hearing nothing. today marks the one-month anniversary that flight 370 departed kuala lumpur. aviation experts say the batteries can last a little longer than long than 30 days. the search continues. >> we are currently very actively and aggressive pursuing where we think that debris field might be, so as to give us further information to recalculate back where the point of entry might have been.
6:42 am
>> now, in their urgency, the australian navy has even deployed divers with the hopes of spotting some kind of debris. and the herculean effort now to find this plane totaling $44 million. the good news is the reduced search area once in the million of square miles now 30,000 square miles. just a little bit of encouragement there, scott. >> peggy, thank you. time now 6:42. new details about a fire that burned three homes in the south bay. and back here live at at&t park. we'll have exclusive on-field access and team coverage as we get red fretady for the giants opener.
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well, good morning,
6:45 am
everyone. thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. a lot of news to get to this morning, but, first, let's talk a little baseball. the giants 2014 home opener is today. so far this season, the giants have five wins, two losses under their belt. all their games have been on the road against the dodgers and the diamondbacks, but, today, the orange and black is back at home as we give you a live look at at&t park. thegiants against the diamondbacks at 1:35. laura is on the field right now. >> i am right by that opening day sign that you see right there and i do have pretty much the best seat in the house right here. i wish i could stay here for the 1:35 game start time, but i'm sure they'll move me, at least to the bleacher seat. so much to see out here at at&t park. great to finally have our boys home. in fact, at&t park got some improvements and new seats for
6:46 am
the upcoming season starting, have you heard this, the dockers deck. in front of a huge glove behind left field. the space can fit 18 people and include stadium-style seating and a few tables and chairs and then there's a brand-new candlestep dick suite. still under construction, but they hope to finish it soon. it's under the arches right behind right field foul pole. it fits 12 people, includes an authentic seat actually from candlestick park. as well as memorabilia from the old ballpark. a little old with the new. the press club located to the press box and features cushion seats for 30 people. food, drink, credit comes with each seat to get in there. nice seats, as well. great out here at a trt&t park s morning. not only all the great folks behind the scenes, but our on-air team, as well. christina loren was outside at
6:47 am
willie mays plaza, but as the sun's coming up this morning, you're a smart girl, you moved it to the public house to get a little warm. we'll check in with her in a little bit. first check in with damian truijillo. he's live at the ballpark, as well. what do you have to show us, my friend? >> i don't know if you can see it behind me, but an orange hue as the sun is rising at at&t park. what a perfect picture for the orange and black on opening day. i walked the perimeter of at&t park this morning all the way around the ballpark and she shows very, very well. the giants are doing what they can this year to make your experience here real and virtual. select a region and chances are the giants will have a hot dog to match that region. and if it's another kind of food you like, you'll likely find it at the park from tamales and caramel apples to the traditional garlic fries. and a new brought.
6:48 am
. >> this year we came up with a new brat worst, we're putting it on a pretzel bun and seasoned with sauerkraut and spicy brown mustard. >> bite into another new item on the menu. >> fried pickle chips. an item we think the kids will really like and i'm hoping that we have lines at the fried pickle chip stand. >> reporter: but if you're watching your caloric intake, the giants are unveiling their new vegetable garden. by june. it was still under construction a week ago behind the left center field wall. it will have fresh vegetables, including kale. >> a variety of different vegetables and things that are actually going to be grown on site and the idea is that we're going to use some of the vegetables as toppings on like flat breads and healthy sandwiches and some of the soups and smoothies. >> reporter: a variety at the yard. >> fried pickle chips, you have
6:49 am
cotton candy, maybe a mojito or two and you're set once you come to the ballpark here. now, remember there will be some metal detectors and the team is phasing those in throughout the season, but you might experience some of those at a few of the gates into at&t park. laura, back down to you on the field. >> all in the name of safety, as well. thank you very much, damian. good to see you. first pitch today, 1:35 against the diamondbacks. tim hudson will be taking the mound for the giants. we're going to have a great day weatherwise, as well. that's why we bring in meteorologist christina loren. she is live inside the public house. good morning. >> good morning to you, laura. it is a little chilly out there right now, but, still, a lot of people, as you can see are in their short sleeves. i am live with knbr. they're taking a little bit of a break right now. you can see kate scott in the house and i want to take you down here and show you the crowd and these guys, you guys excited
6:50 am
about baseball? yeah. they're excited about baseball. and, really, it's hard to get around the entire public house because this is a big place, but these giant fans have shown up early and they are ready for a big win at today's home opener. so, let's get to your forecast. we talk about the weather for the bay area and right here for today's first pitch, 75 degrees. it's going it be comfortable. now, right now temperatures are mostly in the 50s. we're at about 58 degrees in the south bay and peninsula at 58 and 46 degrees in the north bay. that's cold enough for a coat. i want to talk about your wind speed because look at half-moon bay. you see that wind arrow pointing directly back out to sea? that's offshore flow and negating the marine influence and as a result we'll see temperatures near record levels just about everywhere for today. that means 88 degrees in the south bay and 20 degrees above average. abundant sunshine for the peninsula and 82 for san francisco and big home opener,
6:51 am
hard to beat that. yeah, 75 degrees at first pitch and by 2:00, 3:00, it's going it be toasty, even in the city. east bay near records at 82 degrees and the tri-valley at 89 degrees. back out here live to another part of the public house. are you guys excited about today's game? >> yeah! >> and i have to say, you all look fabulous, bright eyed and bushy tailed. it is early. thank you very much. i want to send it over to mike because just getting out here to today's game could be difficult. what do you think, mike? >> i think you're right, christina. the game-time traffic is usually an issue afterwards but today 1:35 in the afternoon will mix with all the mid-day traffic and business traffic and folks just trying to get out there. so a lot of folks like that over here in the south bay, a little bit lighter because spring break has rotated throughout the month and 85 and 87 start to show more
6:52 am
slowing. capital expressway up to 680 and continue with the build and the slowing and on-ramp, sound like the metering light was taken out by the earlier crash and the freeway itself, a typical slow down as you approach the international airport. southbound 680 through pleasanton. speeds coming down towards the 45-mile-per-hour mark at their worst but overall at the 50s and that's better news. slowing coming into livermore and lead into dublin westbound 580 actually moving pretty smoothly and just got reported west 580 at 238. the split there's a crash and it sounds like some fluid is leaking from at least one of the vehicles involved. the clean-up crew will have to arrive at 238. that will lighten the load a little bit and both directions away, north and south move pretty smoothly. san mateo bridge a little smooth and san mateo bridge from 880 to the peninsula and westbound
6:53 am
direction still moves very smoothly and commute over the high rise and no delays on that side of the bay. we're crossing the bay via bay bridge, as well. crowded from now, as you see, filling in the entire toll plaza and slow coming off the berkeley curve now through mid-day because that 135 will keep traffic coming into the season. remember the ferries will also take you there, but you have to reserve for the giants ferry. p palo alto watch that fog through daly city. chase cain is live in san jose with a big fire, the fire spread to three homes, chase. >> it was big, indeed. ended up being a three-alarm fire for san jose and they kept a fire truck out here all night long to make sure the flames didn't spark back up. what was a house on the other side of this green fence here behind me. but check out some cell phone video from just after 3:00 yesterday afternoon when firefighters were first getting out here.
6:54 am
incredibly intense flames and that fire actually ruptured a gas line and that just made the whole situation worse. that's why they needed so much backup. firefighter husband to cas had much. fire did destroy one home and damaged two other homes which are, at least, still standing this morning. about a dozen neighbors evacuated in the process because they were afraid this gas line may blow and that would be a much worse situation. fortunately, that did not happen. as the sun rises this morning, neighbors have been coming out here this morning and getting a look at the damage here in the neighborhood because these homes that are down throughout this neighborhood are pretty notable. people who live in them also say they're known for burning quickly, unfortunately. now it is daylight pg&e will be out here to repair that gas line and that's the latest live here in san jose, chase cain, nbc bay area news. christie smith live in san
6:55 am
francisco where suspended state senator leland yee will be in court. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. yee should leave his district home very soon he has a federal court date in san francisco in at 9:30. in the past his attorney said he would plead not guilty but as he heads to court this morning he has a new attorney by his side. a man named jim lasert. yee has been suspended as senator and another figure charged in this, though, a man named keith jackson is expecteden court today, too. yee's former consultant along with the initial target of this whole fbi investigation, chinatown gang leader chow. his charges include money laundering among others. now, i mentioned that yee faces seven charges, each carries a maximum of 20 years in prison, if convicted. reporting live in san francisco,
6:56 am
christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. let's check our last headlines at 6:55. the day's top stories. olympian oscar pistorius took the stand again today in his murder trial. pistorius said he was more into her than she was with him. pistorius said he shot and killed steenkamp by mistake. prosecutes say he killed her after an argument. crews searching for the missing malaysian airlines plane are still listening for faint pinging sounds deep in the indian ocean. so far crews have not heard those sounds today. investigators hope that pinging is coming from the black boxes aboard that plane. fans of the kentucky wildcats got a little rowdy, a little wild in lexington overnight. some people even set their wildcat gear on fire in the streets at a disappointment kentucky lost to uconn in the national championship last night. the final core was 60-54.
6:57 am
and one last update from at&t park ahead of the giants home opener, laura is out there and the sun has come up and i can hear behind you. looks like a fabulous day. >> i'm ready to shed this jacket now as things are warming up for the day here at at&t park. home opener and the first pitch at 1:35 this afternoon and tim hudson is going to be on the mound for that and playing against the diamondbacks and, now, unfortunately, sold out for today. some tickets left for the rest of the series. in fact, you may want to get on the band waggen and get some tickets for tomorrow where they are going to be handing out the hunter pence bobblehead. always cool to see what they're handing out here and they have a lot of great things out here at at&t park this morning. the best seat in the house i tell you right here and going it be a gorgeous day, as well. we're so excited for it. in fact, meteorologist christina loren is out here live and she's
6:58 am
at the public house with a big crowd and giants fans already celebrating. gorgeous day, christina. >> it really is, laura. i, for one, i'm quite pleased that you shed that jacket. looking lovely in orange this morning and you can support our giants, even if you have to go to work today. just wear your orange and black. i know a lot of people will be on the city streets of san francisco at at&t park is going to be crowded. and that's an understatement. throughout the day today, temperatures are going to end up in very, very warm territory for this time of year. i can't stress that enough. you don't want to overit outdoors today. 75 degrees in san francisco and that translates to the upper 80s for places like san jose. make sure you're ready for a warm day ahead. if you don't like the heat, we'll cool you off as we continue throughout the week. temperatures fall back to that comfort level and we're talking about the 70s. laura looking great in orange out there. you shed that coat because, hey, it's already mild out there.
6:59 am
you did a great job and send it back to your side of the field. >> hard not to get excited out here on the field. opening pitch at 1:35, as we mentioned. 75 degrees, you cannot beat that for a home opener. what a fantastic day it's going to be out here, scott. we appreciate you being back there in studio, as well. it's pretty fun out here, my friend. >> are you staying for the game and i'll pick up the rest of the work for the day here, if you would bring me back a fried pickle because i've never had a fried pickle. >> we'll consider that a deal. that's just one of the many eats they have out here. so interesting to see how they improve every year to have new, fun things to eat out here. keeping it green. they have their own organic field they're putting out here, as well. you can get some great eats and that's just part of the fun of the nujuof baseball. sending it back to you, scott. >> all right, laura. go giants. first pitch at 1:35 against the
7:00 am
diamondbacks. tim hudson taking the mound for the giants. that's what's happening today in the bay. we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update and, of course, you can join us at 11:00. go giants, have a great day. millions from the midwest to the northeast feeling the effects of dangerous weather. >> officials struggle to detect any more pings that could be coming from flight 370's data recorder. but they say the search area has been dramatically reduced.


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